Sunday, June 20, 2010


Hello and welcome to Two Knit, a blog devoted to the knittings of two, Martha and Eve.
My grandmother, Martha, is from Aregentina where knitting and crochet were a big part of her upbringing and culture. In the early sixties she had a fashion show with her very own knitted designs. Later when she moved to the states she worked at a boutique in Beverly Hills where she created those juliet hats for Ali MacGraw. She was also commissioned by many stars to create one of a kind items such as sweaters, interior decor and dresses. In fact, she created many of the dresses Charo wore on her appearances in Vegas and the Merv Griffin Show.
I am a high school student who began to knit in the first grade at my school. A year or so ago Martha and I decided to open up a knitting shop on Etsy called Two Knit, because there are two of us and I love Shakespeare (it was originally Two Knit or Knot to Knit).
The picture at the beginning of this post is of my grandmother in Mar De Plata, Argentina with a group of her knitting friends.



  1. Martha, esta foto es tan similar a algunas de mi mama de la misma epoca, o un poco antes, con sus amigas, pero en Miramar. Es tan gracioso mirarla... :)))

  2. what a fantastic story - and start to a wonderful thing!
    grandmothers are such wonderful sources of inspiration... i'm lucky to have an amazing one too.... and you two have created an amazing thing here!
    thanks so much for sharing :)